We believe that each child:

-is a unique learner

-learns through their interests and curiosity

-learns best through making choices

-learns by exploration and discovery of hands-on learning materials

-learns at their own pace.

We believe that parents and families:

-are their child's first teachers and want to be involved in their child's education

-seek what is best for their child

-love and care for their child unconditionally

-trust that our school will partner with them in the

care and education of their child.

Louisville Montessori provides qualified Montessori teachers and Assistant staff who:

-guide and direct the individual child and the classroom learning community

-create a Montessori prepared learning environment

-​teach and model the expectations of interactions and behavior

in the classroom and on the playground

-create a success oriented approach for each child

-observe, plan and present large group, small group and individual lessons to

promote growth, development and learning in all areas of the Montessori curriculum

​-are professional, excellent role models, and work with integrity

We provide children a foundation for lifelong learning by fostering them in respect, confidence, independence, concentration and responsibility. We nurture their growth and development physically, emotionally, socially, cognitively and spiritually through the Montessori approach.

​​Louisville Montessori School

Our Mission